Barbara Dever….Mon coeur

(1998 with Placido Domingo)

A-B-A-B Comparison 20 years

Brett Polegato…Opera-Bway-Opera

2018 NY Intensive   2019 Irish Nat’l Opera

Marianne Bindig…Samson & Delilah

A-B-A-B Comparison 6 months/2 years

Jessica Van Kipp…3 octaves,

Don’t rain on my parade,

Glitter and be gay

Carrie Gray…La Forza del Destino

A-B-A-B Comparison 1 yr/2yrs of study

Rachael Jewell…Opera-Bway-Pop

Crossover…1 yr/2yrs of study

Taras Chmil

I’ll be seeing you, Celeste Aida

Adam Klein…”Doesn’t feel like a high C!” (2013)

La Forza del Destino (2014), Samson (2016), Otello (2017)

Anna Bergman…Belt/mix class

“…it feels so comfortable!”

Dominique Donnarumma

At Last and Rusalka Highlights

Lianne Marie Dobbs

at the Metropolitan Room

Duncan Hartman…Mozart and Kurt Weil

Non piu andrai   4 Walt Whitman Songs

Rachael Jewell

Pop>Opera A-B-A-B

Pavarotti  Dever  Pons

1994 Pavarotti Plus    Don Carlo Trio


Bill Lewis on piano   in all videos except

Ron Levy (Barbara Dever  Mon coeur)

Bill Zeffiro (with Lianne Marie Dobbs)

Ivan Jovanovic        (with Carrie Gray)

Happy Singing!